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New on Twitch? You’ll see dozen of dancing and animated emotes but chance are that you won’t know much about them. But, we are here to discuss some of the most popular slangs on Twitch, and MonkaS is one of them. MonkaS is the most famous animated emote on Twitch and there’s a story behind this emote as well. Bear with us because we’ll be discussing the MonkaS meaning, origin, and much more.

What’s MonkaS?

MonkaS is yet another distorted or ugly would be the right word here, version of the famous Pepe The Frog. It was created back in 2011 and posted on 4Chan but it was included in Twitch emotes section in 2016.


MonkaS is also inspired by the famous Pepe The Frog emoji and the MonskaS meaning is to convey a message of anxiety with a sweaty face and bulging eyes. It is often used when something concerning or scary is going on. It is used to let the streamers know that they should be worried about something but mostly it is used as a symbol for sarcasm.


Pepe The Frog has inspired millions of animated memes and emojis in the past couple of decades but MonkaS is definitely one of the most famous ones. People, who are new to Twitch often wonder when is the right time to use MonkaS? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. Whenever you see the streamer is going through intense gameplay or anxiety-inducing moments, use MonkaS or if he’s playing a horror game like RE7, use MonkaS to show your support.


If you see any streamer doing something that he is not good at then make sure to spam the chat window with MonkaS to let him/her know that he’s absolutely horrible. Mostly, MonkaS is mostly used to taunt some unprofessional streamers. For example, if you see someone giving you anxiety with their horrifying skills, make sure to spam the MonkaS emote to make them stop.



MonkaS was first discovered on 16th July 2011 on the Literature Board of famous social media platform, 4Chan. Almost five years later, MonskaS was added to the FrankerFacez (Twitch extension that lets streamers to add customs emotes on their channels) on 24th September 2016. Twitchers started spamming the MonskaS emote on many channels and became one of the top Twitch emotes within a year.


We don’t know the name of the creator of the infamous MonkaS but one thing we know for certain was that 4Chan was the birthplace of MonkaS.


Like most of the Twitch emotes, MonskaS also gained popularity on Reddit and often seen in many streamers subreddits. Later, people started using this meme on other social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


You’ll mostly see this meme in Forsen subreddit when Redditors are often posting this meme. It was in 2017 when MonkaS was added to the r/forsen and got famous overnight. As of today, MonkaS emote is the most famous Twitch emote of all time.


MonkaS isn’t the only Twitch emote that is inspired by Pepe The Frog. There are more than a handful of emotes that are inspired by the famous Pepe The Frog and some of the most famous ones are Pepega, POGGERS, PepeHands, EZ, pepeJam, and HYPERS.


There were many different variations of MonkaS created and later added to the Twitch chat. Some of them include MonkaW, MonkaOMEGA, MonkaGIGA, and MonkaTHINK.




How to Use MonkaS?


In order to get your hands on the infamous MonkaS, you will need to install the BetterTTV chrome extension. This BTTV extension will let you choose your favorite emotes and add them to your channel. The BetterTwitchTV or BetterTTV is a Twitch extension that lets you add emotes of your choice on your channel.


From BTTV, you can easily get access to MonkaS and hundreds of famous Twitch emotes. You won’t have to look much further because MonkaS is one of the most popular Twitch emote and it is displayed on the first page of BTTV. Users will need to log in with their Twitch account to add these emotes in their chat window.


You don’t necessarily have to download the BTTV chrome extension, you can also go to the BetterTTV website and get emotes. All of the Twitch emotes on BTTV are absolutely free and you won’t have to pay a single penny to get your hands on the latest and most trending emotes.


Famous Twitch’s MonkaS emote is used by millions of viewers and we wouldn’t want you to feel left out so we definitely recommend getting this Twitch MonkaS emote for your channel.


When to use MonkaS?

We’ll already discuss the meaning of MonkaS and I’m sure that you’ve understood the MonkaS meaning. But, we are going to dig a little deeper and find the ideal circumstances where MonkaS will fit perfectly.


Twitch is mostly focused on competitive gaming and you will often come across many intense and nail-biting matches where MonkaS will work perfectly. Spam the MonkaS in the chat window when your favorite streamer is having a hard time pulling a win for his team.


Another scenario where MonkaS would be perfect is when a streamer is playing horror games. You can show your visual support for the streamer during the gameplay by constantly spamming the MonkaS emote. This will make them realize that the game is actually quite intense and people are actually worried.



MonkaS is the most popular Twitch emote nowadays and after the WWIII scare and the US-China conflict, MonkaS has been used in many political situations as well. The distorted version of Pepe The Frog is making some buzz on the internet are memers are obsessed with this one. If you don’t have this emoji on your Twitch channel then I’d suggest getting this emote asap.


That’s all folks!