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The Complete List of Free Twitch Overlays For Your Twitch LiveStream



Twitch streaming is seen as the ideal job by many gamers. Not just gamers, even the general public sees this job as a very easy one. I mean from a third-person perspective, just sitting in front of a computer screen and playing games all day does seem like a pretty easy job, but streaming is not as simple as that.

Twitch streaming can be a pretty hectic job as it can be very hard to grab the attention of your viewers. There are countless streamers on the internet, and all of them stream their favorite games. With so much competition, it is very hard for a casual streamer to stand out. If you want to stand out, then you need to bring something new to the table and make your streams as unique as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done! However, there is still an easier way of making your streams unique and stand out from the crowd. You can build your own style on twitch by having a cool and quirky Twitch overlay.

If you are just a casual Twitch streamer with a small fanbase and you don’t really care about grabbing anyone’s attention then, you can just stick to the default Twitch overlay. Or you can just find a free Twitch overlay from the internet, and stand out on the platform without any investments. However, if you are even mildly serious about Twitch streaming, then I recommend that you find an attractive overlay for your streams right now. There are so many stream overlays available on the internet, and you can easily find one which represents your style.


If budget is not your problem, then I suggest that you find some talented artists on the internet and get yourself a custom stream overlay. This overlay will seriously make you stand out as you’ll be the only streamer using it. You will also be able to represent your style completely and not follow-in on anyone else’s footsteps.

There are many freelance websites where you can find and hire talented artists for your job. The artists will give you exactly what you are looking for!

If you don’t have the budget for a custom Twitch overlay, then you can just find some affordable overlays or even free ones online. Put in the work, and you’ll be able to find a very cool and unique overlay which will exclusively represent your style on the internet.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of the best Twitch overlays which you can apply to your streams right now.

Now, without any further ado, let us get started!

Nova – Pixel Art Stream Package:

This retro stream package is available for only 30 USD on the Nerd or Die website. Nerd or Die started as a small YouTube channel, but now, it has evolved into a huge brand which gives you streaming tutorials and sells some pretty sick stream packages.

The Nova – Pixel Art Stream Package gives your stream a unique pixelated look which all of your viewers will easily get mesmerized by. The retro package has hand-drawn graphics which are very clean and make your stream look modern whilst giving you a very retro look. The pixel art will make your streams look very nostalgic! The overlay pack includes HUD elements for your webcam frames, social media, schedule, stream countdown, and so much more.

This whole package includes the following stuff:

  • Overlay Pack
  • Alert Pack
  • Widgets
  • Stream Deck Key Icons

No Man’s Sky Overlay Package:


No Man’s Sky Twitch overlay pack is available for free on the Nerd or Die website. This amazing Twitch overlay is inspired by the brilliantly crafted game of the same name.

No Man’s Sky overlay was made for Twitch streams only, but it can also be easily used for YouTube or Facebook live streams. The overlay gives your streams a very out worldly and magnificent feel.

Getting such an amazing overlay package for absolutely free is a pretty sick deal if you ask me! This is the best overlay package for you if you are just starting out with video game streaming and don’t want to invest any real money.

Twitch Overlay Maker – Placeit:

Are you on a budget but still want a custom overlay for your streams? Then, placeit is the website for you! Placeit is an online design maker that gives you very easy-to-use tools to create professional-looking overlays. You can use these overlays for Twitch, YouTube or any other website!

There are plenty of templates to choose from all of which can be edited to represent your own style.

Placeit lets you create plenty of customized stuff, including:

  • OBS Stream Overlay Maker
  • Social Media Cover
  • Twitch Banner Maker
  • Twitch Offline Banner Maker
  • Twitch Overlay Maker
  • Twitch Panel Maker
  • Webcam Frame

Once you have chosen your template, you can edit it to represent your style. It can be easily saved in the vector form and then implemented into your streams.

New World Series Package:


Are you a gamer who streams Fortnite? Then, this New World Series Package is perfect for you! This package has been inspired by Fortnite, but it can be used for other games as well. The New World Series Package is available on the website for the starting price of 48.99 dollars.

Yes, this streaming package does seem a little expensive, but it is totally worth the bucks. The beautiful animations will leave your viewers in awe and give you a lot of extra traffic. Own3D streaming packages have been purchased by over 100,000 streamers!

If you buy the complete New World Series Package for 80.99 bucks then you can get the following items:

  • Animated Stream Overlay
  • Animated Stream Alerts
  • Animated Stream Webcam Overlay
  • Animated Stream Transition
  • Animated Stream Intermission
  • Banners All Static Files
  • Stream Panels
  • Animated Stream Talking Banner
  • Twitch Profile Banner
  • Twitch Profile Picture
  • YouTube Banner
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Streamlabs OBS Import Files

Own3D will even help you set up your streaming package!

Black White Series Package:


Are you looking for a minimalistic look for your streams? Then, this is the stream package for you! The Black White Series Package gives you beautiful and discreet animations which will attract a lot of viewers. Most of the streamers usually go for a more flashy look, so this minimalistic look will help you truly stand out.

This is another streaming package by the beloved own3d.Tv website. You can buy this streaming package for the starting price of 48.99 and attract more viewers today!

If you pay 80.99 bucks for the complete version of the Black White Series Package then you get the following stuff:

  • Animated Stream Overlay
  • Animated Stream Alerts
  • Animated Stream Webcam Overlay
  • Animated Stream Transition
  • Animated Stream Intermission
  • Banners All Static Files
  • Stream Panels
  • Animated Stream Talking Banner
  • Twitch Profile Banner
  • Twitch Profile Picture
  • YouTube Banner
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Streamlabs OBS Import Files Free Overlay Package: is a brilliant website, but almost all of their streaming packages are paid packages. However, there are some free items available as well! There is a default free overlay available as well. This overlay package is best for you if you are just starting out with Twitch streaming. The pack gives you a frame for the stream and your camera, space for social media links and matching fonts for your texts.

The initial color of the package is orange, but you can easily change it using GIMP.

Overwatch Stream Overlay:

This Twitch stream overlay package has been created by an artist called Dominick Zwerger. He is a world-class designer who creates personalized logos, designs, videos and other such stuff.

This man can also make some pretty neat stream packages! He currently has about 26 templates available for free on his website. These templates are geared towards different games like Far Cry 5, CS:GO, Watch Dogs 2, etc.

One of his most brilliant creations is the Overwatch stream overlay package. This package is available for free on his website and can be downloaded by anyone. As the name suggests, this package is based around the game called Overwatch, but it can be easily used for any game you want. The style of this package resembles the game itself and looks quite modern.

The template can easily be edited using Adobe Photoshop!

Rage 2 Twitch Overlay Package:

Rage 2 Twitch overlay package has been created by the brilliant artist called Gael Level. Gael Level is an artist who designs photos, videos, graphics and much more. This man shares his designs on Gumtree. Some of his creations are available for free whilst others for a small price of 0.99 to 5 USD.

This man creates a lot of Twitch streaming packages. The best ones are usually paid, but as I mentioned before, even those are not pricy at all.

One of his free packages called Rage 2 Twitch Overlay Package has been inspired by the game Rage 2, and it is even animated.

The pack gives us the following stuff:

  • Starting Soon screen
  • Be Right Back screen
  • Stream Ending screen
  • 2 Avatars
  • Banner (Blank)
  • 2 Labels bar (Inline / Stacked)
  • 20 panels

Wicked – Halloween Overlay and Alerts:

Wicked is an absolutely free Halloween themed Overlay and Alert pack which will give your stream a very spooky look. This package is perfect for playing horror games as it gives you very beautiful hand-drawn animations which follow a similar theme. The package is also easily customizable and can be made uniquely yours.

You can download the Wicked package from Nerd or Die for absolutely free, but it is up to you if you want to pay a small price for the brilliant work.

The package will give you 6 unique and spooky alert animations and a webcam frame design.

Dark Matter – Strexm:

Strexm is a brilliantly crafted website which gives you free Twitch overlays. Strexm has a lot of free Twitch overlays to choose from. Some of these are themed around a certain game title whilst others are generic.

Whilst the game-themed overlays are all brilliant, the generic ones are also just as good. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Dark Matter which is a generic overlay package available at Strexm. This beautiful package gives us a black and red theme which works perfectly with almost any game. The package also gives us a very unique and playful font which is oddly satisfying to look at. The top bar in the overlay shows us your recent followers, donations and your social accounts.

The package works out of the box, and it is quite dynamic. You can edit the final look of the overlay in a number of ways to suit your style.

The game overlays available at this website are also quite appealing, and I suggest that you go through those as well. Some of the games include Battlefield, FIFA, Diablo 3, CS:GO, Minecraft, Overwatch, Rocket League, Dota 2, Halo 5 and many more.

Ghost Rising – Twitch Overlay:

Ghost Rising is a very beautiful overlay which follows the theme of the popular Destiny 2 game. This overlay is one of the many overlays which are available at the Twitch Overlay website. The Twitch Overlay website has both paid and free overlays which are all equally amazing. They also have a service to create custom streaming packages for streamers.

Currently, they are offering 19 free twitch overlays, 9 free profile graphics, 4 free stream screens, 1 free twitch alert and 1 free streaming package. You can also easily by their paid packages as they are quite affordable.

The Ghost Rising overlay package is very pleasing to look at, and it will attract a lot of viewers to your streams. It has separate sections on the left side of the screen which show new followers, donations, hosts and subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks! A list of the best Twitch streaming packages that you can get right now. Some of these are paid, and some are free, but all of them are equally amazing as they all put something new on the table.

Of course, this was only a personal list, and your list of the best streaming packages might be completely different. But this list should give you an idea of what you should be doing to attract more viewers.

If you are new to video game streaming, then I suggest that you buy a free package for now and just test it out to learn more about how this thing works.