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What is the Test BLOG ??



Twitch is a place where you’ll see a lot of slangs and it is very much possible that you’re not aware of any of them. You’ll see hundreds of strange emote and slangs on Twitch and there’s a story behind each one of them. But, for now, we will be discussing one of the most popular slang on Twitch called ‘Pepega’.

What means Pepega ?


    Pepega is a twisted image of the infamous Pepe the Frog that is used to mock someone. Pepega was developed by Adew (Discord User) and submitted to FrankerFacez (Twitch extension that lets streamers to add customs emotes on their channels). It is commonly used as a slur for people with mental disabilities or people that are extremely dumb or do something absurd. It is often used or spammed in the chat window when the streamer does anything foolish or says something idiotic.

If you’re a streamer and you did something extremely foolish or miss an easy opportunity then expect a lot of Pepegas in the chatbox. And if you’re a viewer and the streamer is playing dumb then make sure to spam the chatbox will Pepegas to let the streamer know that he’s in serious trouble.


As we’ve discussed earlier, Pepega is a Twitch emote which is used to humiliate someone but, where did the infamous ‘Pepega’ originate from? We’ll be taking a deep dive into the Twitch emotes world and find out more about the birthplace of Pepega.

Pepega (Pronounced as Pehh-Pegyaa) was created by a famous discord user ‘Adew’ who posted the Pepega emote on FF on April 8, 2018. The purpose of this emote was to humiliate a famous streamer ‘Forsen’. Just a few days after the ‘Pepega’ emote was submitted, Twitch added the emote in Forsen’s chat. This is pretty much the story of the origin of the legendary‘Pepega’ but we’re yet to bring Pepe The Frog into our conversation.

Pepe The Frog is a legendary meme from the early 2000s when Matt Furie decided to create a comic where he featured a green anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body. Pepe The Frog then gained very much popularity on the internet and people frequently started using it on 4Chan, Reddit, and other popular social media sites.

Pepe The Frog then inspired numerous memes on the internet community and Pepega is also one of those inspired memes that specialize in humiliating and embarrass Twitch streamers.

The main reason behind the success of Pepega was the Reddit community. The meme was first posted on Reddit where it got a huge number of upvotes which led viewers to spam the Pepega in Forsen’s chat.

How to Use Pepega?

Now you’re familiar with the background of the famous ‘Pepega’ emote but how to enable this emote in the chat window? Well, it’s quite complex and you’ll need to bear with us to learn how you can enable the Pepega emote.

In order to enable the Pepega and other GIF emotes, you will have to install the BTTV ( Better Twitch TV) chrome extension. BTTV extension will allow you to enable all kinds of animated emotes including the Pepega emote. Once you’ve installed the BTTV extension, you will have to go to the chat settings> BTTV Settings and then enable BTTV emotes.

Once you’re all set up, you can use the word ‘retard’ or ‘FOR SAN’ for Pepega to appear in the chat. An easier way to use Pepega is just to add the emote in your BTTV library and just use the meme from emotes menu on the chat settings.

When to Use Pepega?

When a streamer is stuck on an easy mission, use Pepega. When a streamer is doing something illogical, use Pepega. Similarly, you can use Pepega anytime you see someone doing a foolish thing on Twitch to make them realize that they suck.

Spamming Pepega won’t be liked by the streamer and you might get barred from watching the streamer’s channel but it would definitely be worth it. But, we don’t recommend spamming Pepega in a toxic way that could harm or pose a threat to the Twitch wellness policies.

Pepega is one of the most popular animated emote on Twitch and you’ll definitely see a lot of this emoji in the chat window. Overall, Pepega is the 9th most popular Twitch emote of all time. MonkaS which is another distorted version of Pepe The Frog ranks at No#1 and the most popular Twitch emote.


Pepega is without any doubt, one of the most popular Twitch emotes of all time and you’ve probably seen this emoji in a million chat windows. People often use this emoji whenever they see a streamer doing stupid things or saying gibberish. It is a great way to let the streamer know what you think of him or acknowledge the fact that he’s stupid. It is definitely a rude thing to say but people on Twitch seems to think otherwise.

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